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If you have a blog about Nantucket we would be happy to share it with our audience. Nantucket was voted the Best Island In The World by National Geographic! Help us share the beauty of our island community....
Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. Albert Einstein.

The voice and inspiration behind this page is Gabriela Emilia Gonzalez. Originally from Chile, Gaby moved to Wildwood New Jersey with her family at age six. 

Gaby is a singer, mother and animal lover who has been a vegetarian since age ten. Gaby is now a vegan whose drive, passion and commitment is to help end animal cruelty worldwide. 

We hope you will help us spread the word and help stop the senseless pain and suffering of animals everywhere. When future generations look back they will surely wonder why it took mankind so long to evolve...

We are working on our website where we will have many links for those who wish to learn more about helping our animal friends. Your input, ideas and suggestions are important to us. Guest bloggers & writers are welcome and encouraged....Thank you.
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Eat Plants Love Animals
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Au Coeur means “at heart”.

I’ve blogged off and on since middle school (back before online journals were even called blogs), took a break toward the end of college, and then, as I neared my twenty-fifth birthday, felt the itch to start blogging again. Now, that I’ve lived long enough to truly understanding who and where I want to be in life, it’s just a matter of getting there; Au Coeur is a blog about striving to match reality to that dream for myself. It is a blog about finding joy on the road to becoming who I am at heart, even in moments when joy feels out of reach — what I call the “not-quite-there.”

Welcome to our new blog where we will write about the many wonderful places to go when visiting Nantucket. The island of Nantucket is full of hidden treasures. We invite you to join us as we map out some of our favorite destinations to eat, drink, shop and have fun...